NEXUSVII X tImberland MIL-5H Gore-Tex Boots

One common gripe among customers this side of the Pacific is when or where all those stylish merchandises will be available here? This maybe an issue in the past as more retailers, both large and small, begin to carter their interests such as California-base BRICKSWORTH. Most recently, the retailer begin to offer the NEXUSVII x Timberland MIL-5H Gore-Tex Boots, something that would be exclusive to the Japanese market some years ago. A part of NEXUSVII theme for this season, You ARe MY Sunshine, a playful rendition with hidden intent, like the word “ARMY” hidden in the statement. The MIL-5H Gore-Tex boots are also as such, with fragments of moccasins construct, white Vibram outsole, as well as other general issue elements fused with military-esque polished black leather and olive drab canvas. Available now at BRICKSWORTH for a limited time only.


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