Red Wing 8” Round-Toe Boot Europe Exclusive

Red Wing 8” Round-Toe Boot Europe Exclusive

When Charles H. Beckman founded Red Wing Shoes in 1905, he founded it with the same underpinnings that still guide the storied boot manufacturer today – to create handcrafted, purpose-built boots. Although it was not on the company’s first line of production, the original 8” Round-Toe Boot, style #708, traces its origins back to 1955 when it was initially developed for grey-collar workers. Based off the original model, Red Wing Shoes introduce two additions to its lineup, style #2940 and #2941, updated iterations of the original 8″ Round-Toe boot. Two colorways adopt a “Oro-Russet” upper or a dark brown “Cache” leather construction. The pair boasts the same lightweight cushion crepe sole as the original with premium welt construction. A Europe-exclusive release will see its way to Red Wing Stores in Amsterdam, Berlin, Frankfurt and Hamburg.


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