n.d.c. Footwear – Spring/Summer 2012 – Looks

Artisan, handmade shoes are everywhere these days, but we cannot pinpoint much of a downside to the saturation. You only get one pair of feet, so why not sheath them in at least one pair of something durable built with serious attention to detail? Jockeying for your attention in this regard is n.d.c. (nome de code; translates to “code name”). This outfitter of men and women takes a humbler approach than some others—as the story goes, the creative mind behind the footwear, Enrique Corbi, presented a pair of n.d.c. brogues at their first trade show appearance only after he’d thrown them into a washing machine to beat them up a bit.

An allegiance to “subtle humor” shows in their newest lookbook. Alongside shots of the alluring goods—re-imagined deck shoes, patterned espadrilles, soft chukkas, weathered oxfords and things with monk straps—at the end of lithe young legs, are pictures of jolly old gents enjoying the wares. Being headquarted in Belgium—a nation home to the Underpants Museum—certainly adds to the lighthearted allure. Beyond all of that, these are definitely some fetching designs.


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