Alden Boots for Leather Soul

Two smitten-worthy outfits come together to bring us this sleek, utilitarian boot. Denim purveyor Self Edge describes their niche in the world this way: “We don’t see a pair of jeans as just a pair of jeans. We see them as part of your life—something that ages with you and, like you, only becomes better with time.”

We couldn’t agree more, and, in the case of a quality piece of footwear, the same rules apply, which is something Leather Soul seems aware of by their own credo: “Aloha, our passion is for craftsmanship, style, the perfect fit and uncompromising service.”

One hundred pairs of the Alden boot were produced in each of two colors—black and Horween chromexcel (tan)—both bearing the telltale detail of a stitched mock toecap. You can pick them up starting February 18 at either Leather Sole location (Beverly Hills and Waikiki).


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