Mark McNairy for Standard

Brogue boots have been practically growing on trees the past few months. This is less a complaint than an observation, and this latest ornamental oddity comes from a tête-a-tête between debonair designer Mark McNairy and Atlanta boutique, Standard.

And an odd trio it is, though in the stop-and-take-a-loving-longer-look way. Two of them walk on leather soles—one of them tan grain leather with red wool flannel and the other brown grain with hunter green—and the third comes in black grain with navy cloth and moves under you on a durable pillow of white Vibram Cristy.

This latter option might be our favorite, thanks to the contrast between the dark leather and the gleaming sole and the more understated upper of black and dark blue. The red and green offerings are tight, no doubt, but could verge on being costume-y. Still, big ups to McNairy and Standard for making something that’s become commonplace look not so common at all.


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