Rancourt & Co. for Hickoree’s Hard Goods – “Hippie Shoe”

Hippies get a bad rap. Everyone is always complaining about their lack of hygiene, their empty idealism and their long hair. But how about their predilection toward sweet moccasins? There is cause for celebration there, and this collab from Rancourt & Co. and Hickoree’s Hard Goods sees to that confetti-throwing. The “Hippie Shoe” looks like it would be just as comfortable kicking up some dust at Altamontas it would at Woodstock. A bit of a tough guy this soft one, we are saying.

“We started with Rancourt’s Chukka Moc model, which is a beautiful example of the simplicity of handmade moccasins,” Hickoree tells us. “The basic structure of the shoe is made from just two pieces of leather: the piece that wraps under the foot and up around the ankle, where the laces are; and the piece that covers the toe and forms the tongue.” Add to that a mud guard and a crepe wedge sole and you’ve got a one beautiful piece of shart (shoe + art). Get them here.


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